Welcome to Building Literate!

I founded Building Literate after learning the importance of being building literate the hard way. My husband and I purchased a 7 year old home and, after I became very sick, we discovered significant hidden mold and rot inside the walls. For the next year, I immersed myself in the building science and safe construction world. I am lucky to live in a state that many building science pioneers also call home. I’ve decided to put my new knowledge and personal experience to work in order to spark new discussion about the art and science of making homes healthy.

I created Building Literate to help homeowners struggling to understand their house, as well as industry professionals who would like to expand their business to serve new clients. BL will provide valuable insight and services to both construction industry professionals as well as current and future homeowners.

Building Literate goals:

1. Bridge the “awareness” gap between the world of building-literate professionals and people who are searching for solutions to their housing dilemmas;

2. Empower future and current home owners with information and data in order to make educated decisions;

3. Provide marketing strategies for building-literate home performance and construction professionals;

4. Aggregate and promote existing building-literate educational resources;

5. Work towards making “building literacy” more mainstream, with the aim of including other professions and disciplines.

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